Animated Movie Original Soundtrack

Oh! My Goddess
Animated Movie Original Soundtrack

Artikel Nr. PCCG 00556

Publisht by Pony Canion

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.11.2000

Musical Composer: Shirou Hamaguchi
Theme Song Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Music Executive Producer: Takao Noma
Music Producer: Tkashi Watanabe, Shinichi Nakamura
Recording Producer: Yuji Saito
Recording Director: Hajime Touma
Recording Production: Imagine
Cooperation: Kensuke Matsuhita (Square Sounds)
Orchestra: Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Chorus: Warsaw Chorus
Conductor: Mario Klemens

Track 1 + 19 sung by Kikuko Inoue
Track 19 sung by Mio Shionoiri

01. Iuna Aeterna - The One Who Awakens You
02. Dea Cantat - The Goddess Sings
03. Spring Unchanged
04. Magister -Beloved Master
05. Fountain of Heart
06. Love Lesson 3
07. Don't Expect
08. Wishing for a Bond
09. Together We Can
10. Believing Your Heart
11. Invidia - Swaying Heart
12. Recollection - Nostalgia
13. Crystallus Mallus - Dark Shine
14. Celestin - Seditianis Auctor
15. Sealing the Feelings
16. Ventus - Raging Goddess
17. Wishing for Happiness
18. Morgan-Amor Tristis
19. Whisper of Life
20. Prospositum - Defying God
21. Thor - God of Destruction
22. Thundering Destruction
23. Proof of Us
24. Coro Di Dea - Voices of Goddesses
25. New World Prelude
26. Try to Wish
Bonus Track:
27. Cantilena Angel (Song of an Angel)

Try to Wish
E.gutar,A.guitar & all performed
Nittoku Inoue
Recording Engineer
Seiji Ishikawa (Sunrise Towerside)
Asistant Engineer
Masaho Takeda (Sunrise Towerside)
Mixing Enineer
Tomotaka Takehara
Artist Manager
Koujirou Oka (Hori production)
Hironobu Nagai (Hori production)
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